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Hi, my name is Brian Kindsvater and I have been "online" since literally the beginning.

I got my start with bulletin board systems and 300 baud modems. (Do you even know what they are?)

My AOL account dates back to 1994. They should give me a medal for being a member so long. I joined because AOL had easy access to that new thingy called the Internet.

Since then I have done about everything, including owning hundreds of websites in niches in niches spanning everything from the law to fashion to automotove to collectibles to personal enhancement products.

I have written several books, sold dozens of marketing related reports and products, and have written several software programs.

Do you recognize any of these names? They have all paid me money for online products or services I created:
Allen Says - Warrior Forum founder
Ryan Deiss - Digital Marketer founder
Paul Myers - Internet newsletter pioneer
Chris Farrell - Internet marketer
John Delavera - software developer
Gene Pimentel - domain buyer
David Cavanagh - millionaire business coach
Dan Theis - seo specialist
David Deutsch - direct response copywriter
Harlan Kilstein - nlp copywriter
James Schramko - digital training
Eric Louviere - million dollar marketer
Mike Ambrosio - webmaster for Mike Filsaime
Caleb Spilchen - marketing consultant
Matthew Ionnotti - million dollar software seller
Lory Moore - judge and marketing executive
Ken Calhoun - six figure marketer
Jon Dykstra - million dollar affiliate
Mike Litman - success coach
Arnold Schwarzenegger's office - governor, terminator
Along the way I have generated millions in sales online, either for myself or as an affiliate for other product sellers. I am not just a top affiliate for several products, but the number one affiliate, including one merchant where I have held that title for 7 years and counting.

One of my affiliate accounts:

From a recent PayPal statement:

My posts in various forums have generated forums have generated almost 5000 thank yous from appreciative marketers and website owners.

Helping people is what I like to do.

That is why I have a law degree and have been a volunteer judge. I am also a minister and have donated to charities for disabled veterans, the mentally disabled, the poor and others.

But enough about me.

Other than knowing that I know a thing or two, or three or four, you probably don't care.

The real question is: what can I do for you?

That's what this coaching is all about - you.

First, let me be clear about something. This is not "group" coaching consisting of you watching some video I created, or listening to me ramble on a group call about an issue you are only somewhat interested in.

This is personal coaching.

That doesn't mean I do your work for you. It means you get personal and private advice about strategy and tactics to grow your online business.

The idea is to make money.

Here is what some of my clients have made from using my tips and strategies for their businesses, which I should note should not be considered typical results for your business:
Joel made a quick $900.

Bill made $30,000 from a strategy he had never considered before.

John made $10,000 from something he sort-of-knew already, but had never really done.
But let's be frank here ...

The Internet gets more competitive every day and you need every advantage you can get.

No one said this was going to be fast, or easy, or not require any work.

If you are interested - and if you have read this far you probably are -

Then you need to read my "Success Mindset" on the next page.

Only if you agree and we are on the "same mindset" should you apply for the program.

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