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Brian's "Success Mindset"

For personal coaching I want to make sure we have the same goals. It doesn't do you any good for me to propose certain strategies and ideas if you are going to refuse to consider them.

Here is my belief about creating websites and content online:
The goal is to provide a benefit to a client (who is more than just a customer), which can be thought of as solving a problem.

The problem does not have to be life-threatening or complex. It can be as simple as providing entertaining cat videos to alleviate boredom.

I will not fall in love with my product or service. What I like and what I think is less important than what clients think, and it is clients who pay the bills.

The bottom line is striving to provide maximum value and benefit to clients - and then to provide even more value.

I am not here only to sell someone something.

Agree or Disagree?

The last part about not selling anything may throw some off. After all, isn't the idea to sell stuff to get money?


The idea is to provide a valuable benefit and receive money for doing so.

Big difference.

If this makes sense to you let me invite you to apply for the personal coaching program.

Let me add - my assumption is you want to make money from a business and not dabble with a hobby.

Again this is personal coaching. Not "group" coaching. It is not me telling you how to do every little thing or approving of your choice of a light blue graphic versus a dark blue graphic. This will be strategic and tactical advice tailored for you.

Understandably, my time is limited. Time spent helping you is time not spent doing something else.

So I have developed a win/win program.

You receive the help you need without investing the customary four to five figures per month for coaching, and I receive fair compensation for my services.

The program is just $495 plus 30 percent of increased gross revenue over the next 18 months.

That gives everyone incentive to grow your business. There are up to 20 hours of advice. There are no guarantees you will make a certain amount of money, or anything. For all I know you won't implement anything, but having some skin in the game through a modest one-time payment should prevent that situation.

If you would rather only pay for coaching and keep all the profits yourself, the program is just $1995 for up to 20 hours of advice over the next year. Sign up here for this alternative.

After you sign up there is a 72 question review for you to complete. Not every question will be relevant for your situation. Many questions can be answered in a flash. (Question #1: What is your name) Others will take longer and are intended to be difficult, and to flesh out opportunities and problems. This is a high-level overview of your business.

By the time you get done answering these questions you will have already received your investment back multiple times over as opportunities and problems will start becoming evident.

Once the questionnaire about your business is returned, then we can turn to evaluating specific issues with your website.

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