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Dear friend,

Do you want to make money?

I mean real money, from a real online business you can cash in on year after year after year?

If so, then pay attention ...

But, if you are more interested in paying for some hysterically-hyped "push button" system promising $50,000 per week by spamming CraigsList, Pinterest, Kindle, _____________ (fill in the blank, because these products are a dime a dozen) then this is not for you.

What you are about to read involves one of the best ways to make money online. If you really want to make money
then you need to read the rest of this letter.


People like you are always asking "How do I make money?", or, more importantly "How do I make money without spending a lot of money?" and I have often said drop shipping is a great method.

With drop shipping, you first get paid for a product by a customer. Then you order the product from a supplier, and the supplier mails it directly to your customer. Easy. It is guaranteed profits since you are getting paid more by the customer than what you are paying to later order the product.

Many major retailers use some form of drop shipping. Even major companies with millions in inventory use drop shipping.


A recent study published in the Journal of the Operational Research Society found that online businesses using drop shipping make more profit than retailers with inventory.

Retailers also make more than affiliates, and only pay commissions out of their net profits.

Your time is limited. Shouldn't it be spent doing something that makes the most profit?

If you're tired of spending a lot of time trying to make a few bucks you need this special report.

Here is What You Get in GUARANTEED PROFITS ...

* The Easy Steps to get Started Drop Shipping.

* My Secret Strategy For Finding Product Suppliers Not Found Online. You can search on Google all day long and not find these prime sources.

* Info about the Ultimate Membership Website With Thousands of Drop Shippers Looking for Sellers Like You.

* Drop Shipping if You are Not in the U.S.

* Need a Profitable Niche? Where to Get a Proprietary Product Niche Analysis telling you at the Push of a Button:

- Who can provide a product,

- Market research analysis estimating how likely you are to succeed selling a product,

- Search demand,

- How many competitors are in the marketplace,

- Who is advertising on Google,

- Current auction pricing on eBay, and

- Retail pricing on other websites.

* Where to get millions of products to drop ship, with suppliers, contact names, telephone numbers, email addresses.

* Where to get drop shippers rates and where they ship to.

* Why I stopped selling on a couple, profitable drop shipping websites. It can be just as important to see success stories as it is to hear why a website stopped selling online. This way you can avoid costly mistakes and better evaluate if a niche is something you want to be involved in.

(These are insider tips you will not find anywhere else.)

* How I still made money after shutting down some ecommerce websites.

* The free software and methods used to quickly create websites with thousands of products for sale. Hint: it isn't blogging software like WordPress.

* How to Avoid Price Wars and Prevent Price Comparison Shopping

* My Strategy to Create Unique Offers for Any Product.

* Where to Sell Products. This may seem obvious, but there is a massive traffic category that is simply not discussed in online forums. This is probably because most Internet marketers limit themselves to affiliate marketing, so they have no clue this powerful traffic source exists.


Disclosed for the first time ever: how a couple of regular guys with high school educations and low paying jobs escaped living from paycheck to paycheck.

This is a step by step overview of what they did, quitting their jobs to pursue money online, rolling up their sleeves and putting in some "elbow grease" at the computer to create a dream lifestyle.

In just a couple months they created a six figure business for themselves.

For obvious reasons I am not at liberty to spill names or a particular website, but I am authorized to give you the niche. There are, frankly, not that many sellers in this niche where approaching 100,000 products are available for you to sell.

In addition to the niche and overview, you will also get in this bonus:

* Actual drop shippers in this niche. Good luck finding them from any place other than this offer.

* Strategic strategies for selling more products and making more money.

* How to improve your search engine rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay a lot of money to stock up on products?

No. Not one penny. The whole idea of drop shipping is that you do not pay for inventory. You never physically see a product. Instead, your supplier stocks the products and then ships them directly to your customers.

Does this work on Amazon?

Yes. You can receive orders on Amazon and then have someone else ship the product. Many drop shippers are experienced working with Amazon.

Can I do this if I am not in the US?

Yes. If you have a PayPal account that is an easy way to accept payments and major credit cards. Since you are not touching the product where you are located may not be important.

You will need to pay your supplier. If your desired supplier does not accept PayPal or work with international retailers you will want to look into obtaining a US entity and bank account.

Many drop shippers also ship internationally. Before selling a product make sure you know where your supplier ships to.

How do I handle product returns?

The drop shipper will have a return policy and instructions that you provide to your customers. Since you are the retailer you can also set your own return policy, if any, and requirements.

Where do I find drop shippers?

In the report I mention a few established companies. The most important factor is finding drop shippers in your niche, and I do not know what that is. I show you two great methods for getting suppliers:

First, my secret strategy for locating these companies, even if their services are not mentioned online (which is typical).

Second, a private membership site (not mine) where thousands of drop shippers are listed, their rates, shipping areas, websites, and names, addresses, and telephone numbers of contacts looking for sellers like you.

What if someone else is selling the same product?

Thousands of retailers sell the same products without any problem, and with wildly different pricing. If no one else is selling a product you may want to investigate if anyone is buying the product.

In the report I will show you how to make ANY product unique, for free. No one will be selling the same product offer as you.

I also show you how to put a dent in price comparison shopping.

Is this the same as affiliate marketing?

No. With affiliate marketing you promote a product sold by a retailer. The retailer then pays you a commission after a sale is made and the refund period is over. Your commissions come out of the retailer's profits, and are subject to setting a cookie, cookie expirations, and getting a cookie on the right computer / ipad / iphone where the purchase is being made.

With drop shipping you get paid on every sale. You get paid immediately - even before you buy the product.

Like affiliate marketing, someone else handles delivery of the product.

You can have your own affiliates!

What costs are required?

You should have a domain and a website (requires hosting). Discussed in the report is whether a business license is also needed.

If you are outside the US and do not have a US business and account, I show you some drop shippers where this does not matter.

Is this a bunch of videos called "modules"?

No. That is almost a scam these days, someone spending a few minutes to create a videos and calling each one a "module" and a "course."

You get a detailed PDF report you can refer to over and over, print out and take notes on, etc. The report also includes what I call "web extensions" or links to online web pages where more information is available.

If you ever have a question just contact the support desk. If possible, additional information is easily added to the web extensions.

You'll never get that from a few videos that cannot be changed.

Is drop shipping going to make me super rich?

I hope so! But absolutely no income claims or promises are made. Much depends on your drive, skills, products, competition, etc.

You Can Do This ...

This is something anyone like you can do ...

From the comfort of your own home.

Essentially, all you need is a computer. You can do this from anywhere.

I have never revealed all of these strategies and tips before in any other report. It would cost several thousand dollars for me to individually prepare this information for someone. But today you can have it for the ridiculously low price of less than a movie ticket:

Click Here to Order Now

P.S. - This is a short PDF report you can download to your PC, Apple computer, iPad or tablet. The web extensions are on a website and require online access.

You can get started on this today!

Terms of Purchase

Support Desk

Common Questions:

There is no OTO, upsell, downsell, or sideways sell.

An investment of your time and money is required for an online business, including a domain and website hosting. Some of the strategies in the report are free. Some services and the membership website cost a fee.

This report is provided in PDF format. You will need Acrobat (available from free from Adobe) or other PDF reader to read the report.

There is no promise you will make any amount of money. No one can promise that you will make a certain amount of money.

Yes, I have used these strategies and resources.


GUARANTEED PROFITS - Genius Report No. 2

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