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Dear friend,

Keyword research is the starting point of any profitable website. Keywords drive your content, target market, conversions, referrals and profits.

Sometimes, whoever has the most keywords wins.

More keywords means more content. Your website gets seen more, gets more clicks, shares, etc.

In the report I mention a website, one of hundreds I own, and the Google Keyword Planner says my main target keyword gets only 40 searches a month. 40! Would you bother with that? One search per day? I do and it gets thousands of hits and pulls in five figures a year due to all the related keywords I have found and put into the site. That is the power of keyword research.

I use a lot of tools gathering keywords from not only numerous resources, but different types of resources. This way the keywords are usually not duplicative and it creates a massive and comprehensive list.

One of the tools has a side by side keyword chart from different resources and it is amazing how one resource can have a list of keywords for a niche, but a second resource can have a completely different keyword list.

Today, you get my personal collection of free keyword tools that may collectively create more keywords than you could ever use. For $1.

Yep, it's time for Dollar Deal #4

For just $1 you will get:

- The "secret" resource I use for product keyword research. I have never seen another keyword guide discuss this resource, or even get close to the setting I use which gives proven buyer keywords.

- Why Google's Keyword Planner should not be your sole research tool. You will see an example of the tool not giving you all the keywords and how Google hides keywords from you.

- How to get the exact search phrases Google searchers use to find your website, even though Google no longer provides this referring information to websites.

- How you can still "use" the old Google Keyword Tool. Say what? It is still available?!

- A hilarious typo on Amazon and how it impacts Amazon sellers and affiliates. This is why you need more than an Amazon plugin for product research.

- The coolest keyword tools on the planet. All free to use.

- How to find confirmed "buyer keywords". You won't get this from Google.

- How to grab keywords from Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, EBay, Apps, News, Images, LSI Keywords, and keywords specific to different countries around the world. This is comprehensive.

- And more in this 30+ page pdf report.

Can This Be Used for Any Product?

Yes. Most of the tools can be used for anything. The "secret" resource and settings I use is for mostly physical products, such as products you can buy on Amazon.

No single tool gives you everything you need. In this report you get numerous tools, resources and strategies, including different methods of attacking keyword research to get as many profitable keywords as possible.

Product Delivery

Product delivery is handled by the PayGear. After making payment at PayPal you will be redirected to a download page.

If there is a problem, glitch, cannot get your report, etc, please contact:

My Support Desk

This report is in PDF format. You will need a PDF reader to view the report. This is a standard plugin in most web browsers. You can also use the free FoxitReader.

You may be added to an in-house list to get updates to this report and notice of any other Dollar Deals. None of this is required to access your report.

I have been online a long time and my AOL account dates to 1994, I have hundreds of websites, and more than 4680+ thanks on the Warrior Forum.

Over the years I have released dozens of reports, but none have gone in-depth into my private keyword research techniques and tools I use.

Before releasing this report I reviewed more than a dozen other keyword products. Nothing came close to mentioning my secret strategy or even tried to evaluate where buyer keywords would be found. Nothing provided a comprehensive overview tackling keyword research from numerous different angles.

This report and these resources could have incredible value for you, all for a minor buck investment.


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