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Ready to make some money before Christmas?

Dear friend,

Let me ask you a couple quick questions to see if we are on the same page and this offer is for you ...

- Are you tired of seeing Google gobble almost all the traffic for products by having huge paid Adwords blocks above the natural search listings for major retailers?

- Are you tired of the natural search listings in Google being dominated by Amazon?

- Are you wondering if there is any future in affiliate marketing? If the top spots are paid listings for big brands, and then Amazon gets the top SEO listings, what is left for you?

If you are absolutely, freakin' sick and tired of not making any money because of these problems then this is the most important letter you will read today.

I know what you're going through.

So what are we going to do?

I Have a Solution ...

An easy solution.

But first, let me tell you how this happened ...

About 5 years ago I was at my sister-in-law's house. I saw a product in her kitchen and realized I had no idea this even existed.

It was something she was really gonzo about.

Being an entrepreneur when I got home I did some research and discovered ...

- There are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of products like what I saw.

- Hardly any of them are in Amazon.

- There is little to no Adwords PPC ads for many of these products (not that I've seen anyway).

- SEO competition is rare.

These are truly lost niches!

I don't know about you, but I'm no fool. I immediately created a website for what I saw and it has made bank ever since. I think it has made up to $5000 per year in affiliate commissions.

Needless to say, I now have quite a few more websites!!!

Sure, it's not a quick million bucks.

And not every website has made that much, and some have made zip as I think Google sometimes flat lies in its keyword tool about how many searches something gets.

But overall it's real money and it sure beats getting screwed every day as Google makes SEO impossible for most products.

Check Out My Criteria for a Good Lost Niche ...

Easy competition. Call me lazy, but I don't want to compete against a million other websites, marketers, and big brand stores with their gazillion dollar advertising budgets.

Easy sales. I want niches where people like my sister-in-law go crazy buying stuff - who like to buy more and more and more!

Easy websites. I can have a website going in about an hour. It's real easy when someone else is already creating the content for you to use!

When you find out what this is about you'll probably say, OK, I know about this "category" of product.

But do you really? If I told you auto accessories was a great niche you might say, OK, I've obviously heard of car parts and accessories. But have you ever actually reviewed the thousands of different accessories, seen pricing, and been told what sells and does not sell?

Wouldn't that really get your juices going! If you had that information and could pick out the best products to sell?

This isn't car parts. Competition can be crazy from all the major auto parts retailers.

This is better ... less competition ... and ... I'll show you how to get actual sales data on what is selling and what is not!!!

Here is What You Get in the Lost Niches Guide ...

I must tell you that this is a simple strategy once you know it. You will get it on a silver platter.

That is Why You Need to Read the Rest of This Letter ...

This is something anyone like you can do ...

With hardly any skills at all...

From the comfort of your own home.

All you need is an Internet connection.

I recommend having your own domain and website, but I will show you how to use this without paying for a domain and website.

This is going to be really simple.

I have never revealed this strategy before. But today you can have it for a ridiculously low price of $19.95!

One final thought before you take action...

It is very important to me that you are able to put this to use, so I have prepared the following guarantee -

Now I hope you understand I have never told anyone about this system before.

You really do need to take action right now.

There are two choices you can take....

Go for easy niches before Christmas, or battle it out with major retailers and millions of marketers trying to scratch out a dime.

P.S. - This is a super simple concept in this short PDF report you can download to your PC, Apple computer, iPad or tablet.

Easy. You will quickly understand what is involved. You can get started on this today!


There is no OTO, upsell, downsell, or sideways sell.

This works with or without WordPress.

This is not offline.

There is no promise you will make any amount of money. I have been online since the bulletin board days and my AOL account dates to 1994. This may help me see opportunities faster.

This is not instantaneous. I have been at this for years.

I'm not going to play 20 questions about what this is. I have never seen this sold on the forum. However, I just did a search and found one product from 2010 where this was briefly mentioned as a way to make a lot of money as a seller. I am strictly looking at this as an affiliate.

Since money is made as an affiliate you will need to be able to apply and be accepted as an affiliate. To my knowledge affiliates can be worldwide, must have a quality website (which will require an expense on your part to register a domain [$10 per year] and get web hosting [less than $10 per month]), and be able to accept payment via PayPal or a US/UK bank transfer. If you choose the route of not having a domain or website then you will need to be able to accept payments via PayPal.

For all of my affiliate sites I also use Squeeze Links to hide my affiliate links from Google. This is an incredible help IMHO for SEO rankings.

Yes, I am using this today and making money from it every day.

No, I am not making any income claims. If you see someone promising $500 a day, or whatever, you should save your money. No one could ever know how much money you are capable of making. I hope it's a lot.

Payments are 100% securely SSL encrypted. Your payment can conveniently and safely be made using all major credit cards or PayPal.

After purchase you will immediately receive your pdf report.

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