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If you bought "push button" software did you make any money?

If you bought a "new" scheme promising tens of thousands of dollars in the next month did you make any money?

If you did you wouldn't be reading this page.

Isn't it time you used a proven money-making system? An easy to use system that has made many thousands of dollars online? A system that really isn't new but has been used offline for eons?

A system so easy a local grandma can make buckets more than you do without any special Internet skills?

Let me ask you this question ...

Why are you wasting money falling for the latest shiny object when a really simple method can make you easy cash?

Would you rather chase shiny objects or use an old-school method that makes real money?

If you like the shiny objects, and some do, this offer is not for you.

If you just want to make some money then you need to read the rest of this letter ...

A Real Way for Real People

to Make Real Money

What if I could show you how real, everyday people make money every day...

With no technical skills at all...

No websites...

From the comfort of their own homes… ?

Dang - what's left?

Oh, just something that's been around forever and you and every other marketer probably thought about at one time but never put into action.

I'm not going to lie to you and tell you this is something no one on the planet has ever figured out.

Even grandmas have this one figured out. But it is new if YOU aren't doing it!

Here's a secret ...

Hardly anyone does it.

Probably because it isn't sexy. After all, if a grandma can do it why should you bother with it?

Because the idea is to make money. Not buy shiny objects.

When you deposit money in your bank account does your bank care how you made it? Do you get a bonus because the money came from some whizz-bang new Facebook script? Of course not.

Money is money and it all counts the same no matter how you make it.

Are You Strong Enough

to Use a Proven System?

I know I'm going against a powerful emotional tide here ...

It's human nature to want the shiny object.

Would you rather tell your friends and family you made a fortune using an old-school method? Or a few pennies after posting pictures of shoes all week on Pinterest?

This is a question you have to ask yourself -- what is more important - making money or having a good story about how you almost made money?

Hundreds of thousands of people lost their shorts in the gold rush seeking easy gold when only a few made the real riches selling boring boots, pants, shovels and pans (which ironically were even easier to sell).

Millions around the world have tried to make money online with the latest push button schemes only to end up back at their J.O.B.

Not that having a job is a bad thing. Especially in this economy! What I am about to share with you can be done in your extra time when you want. It doesn't require 500 hours be spent writing articles, creating a website, working on SEO, just to make .42 with Adsense.

The Penny Products Report

I call this the "Penny Products" report because that is what it is about. You can trade pennies for dollars can't you?

I know you're probably excited and ready to see what this is all about ...

Get it Today for Only $15!

One final thought before you take action...

It is very important to me that you make money from this, so I have prepared the following guarantee -

Now I hope you understand this is a steal of a deal.

Because you really do need to take action right now.

There are two choices you can take....

Get on board with a proven system so easy even a grandma with no skills can make money from it, or stay on the treadmill where you're at.

P.S. - This is a really simple method in this short PDF report you can download to your PC, Apple computer, iPad or tablet.

You will quickly understand what is being done. I will then guide you through several nuances and opportunities. You can get started on this today!

Payments are 100% securely SSL encrypted. Your payment can conveniently and safely be made using all major credit cards or PayPal.

After purchase you will immediately receive your pdf report.

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