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"Relationships really are key in any business, I think. People really want to buy from people, and feeling as if there is a relationship of some kind that is based on trust and expectation of quality makes the buying decision easier. I have liked the idea of video blogging for awhile now because when people can see you on camera, it definitely helps to forge that bond. It is not to say that a bond cannot be formed without us marketers getting on camera, but there is something to be said for a person being able to 'get a feel' for us through body language, visual cues, etc. And besides, it helps reinforce that we are 'real' people. "
- Tracy
"Got my download. Beautiful looking product. Good buy.

So glad there's a PDF as well as videos!"
- Terry Rayburn
"I'm confident this will benefit my endeavors for a long time to come. Since I'm just starting out, I may have questions along the way and I'm certain your back up will be of excellent quality."
- Doug
"[I]t is an awesome video course ...."
- Giakling
"A awesome product ... It's easy and simple to use with video marketing."
"Just looked at the first two vids and am very happy with the materials, its a nice punchy content, the speaker has a pleasant and engaging american accent, its gives clear walk through and is very nicely done vids."
- Thomas
"[A] great self-educational offer....

Quickly reviewed the content and this will keep me busy [] learning what is presented...."
- James Cousineau
"This is really great. Thank you so much.... I'm already enjoying and learning from the videos."
- Donna

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