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If you're tired of pounding your head against the wall working your tail off for pennies, this nifty little tool can show you exactly why your niche is not profitable ... and what is.

"Get the Cold, Unforgiving Facts About What Keywords, Niches, and Strategies are Cash Cows, and Which You're Wasting Time On With This Nifty Little Excel Spreadsheet"

Find Out What is Really Required for a Six-Figure Income

Most Internet Marketers Are POOR Because They Have No Idea What is Really Needed to Make Their Fortune.

They blindly target certain keywords, products, and affiliate offers without ever doing a financial review.

Even worse, once they have data they simply ignore it. So they continue on with losing strategies that suck up their time while draining their bank account like a starving vampire.

Enough of this nonsense.

Unless you have data from your marketing efforts - AND ACTUALLY USE IT - you're flailing around without a plan.

The $100,000 Spreadsheet Will Show You EXACTLY What is Required. And force you to review your data.

I call it the $100,000 spreadsheet because it will show you what is really required to make six-figures every year. Or any amount you want to plug in.

Like you, I'm tired of the same 'ol rehashed garbage about how to select a niche. Target keywords with at least 3000 searches per month, blah, blah, blah.

It's not your fault the gurus forget to tell you that unless ALL of your numbers are right you're spinning your wheels. They didn't tell you because then you wouldn't need to buy their next shiny object in a few months.

That's where this handy dandy little spreadsheet comes in.

It will set your head on straight.

And its fun to use.

The $100,000 Spreadsheet shows you exactly what you need to do to make your desired income.

Whether it be product sales, affiliate commissions, or per click earnings such as with Adsense or the eBay affiliate program, this spreadsheet will automatically calculate what you need to reach your goal:
* How many sales you need per day and year

* How many visitors you need to your websites

* What keyword search volume is required


But would you rather face the shocking facts of reality, or have a fatter bank account for the weekend?

Below is a picture of the actual spreadsheet with sample numbers.

First, the Income to Stats Report shows you what exactly is required to hit your income target.

In this example I have a $77 product I'm selling. If I want to make six-figures the spreadsheet tells me I need to sell 1300 per year. Based on my conversion rate, I need 178 visitors per day. Now would be a good time for me to look at ways of getting more traffic if I don't have 178 visitors per day. But at least I know my target!

And for traffic from Google, Bing, and other search engines, using an estimated traffic share due to a good search ranking, the spreadsheet tells me my keyword needs a little more than 20,000 searches per month.

So what if the actual search traffic is only 5000 searches month?

I now have the cold, hard reality that I will not reach my goal. Unless I can improve my other stats like conversion rate. Or get another product to sell.

$100,000 spreadsheet

You'll see there is also data for sample stats for a pay per click program like Adsense and what is needed to make six figures. That's a lot of traffic per month! So now you know that unless you target higher paying keywords your goal will be hard to meet.

Simply adjust the value of each click to see how much traffic you actually need. Then you can make sure that amount of traffic is actually available.

This second worksheet works in reverse. Simply plug in your stats and the spreadsheet tells you how much money you will make.

I like this one. It's fun to play around with. Dream a little. What if ...

Here's an example. Make $47 from a product. The target keyword gets 30,000 searches per month. If you get a fifth of those searches (we're talking high on the first page of Google for that, but not the top spot) and with a three percent conversion rate, there's a six-figure income.

What if traffic is less? Just plug in that number to see what you will make.

$100,000 spreadsheet

Internet marketing is a business just like any other business. You need stats. The actual numbers to see where you're at and where you're heading. Otherwise, you are just guessing and not knowing what efforts to emphasize and what to cut your losses on.

This simple tool will help you.

It's an Excel Spreadsheet and a real bargain.

$10 Today Only $4.95

Click Here Now to get it as an instant download to your computer.

P.S. - I was stunned when I first used this spreadsheet and plugged in my Adsense stats. I really needed this kick in the butt.

Now I focus on more valuable keywords, I know exactly what values I need to focus on, and my income is up about 32 percent.

Amazing what a little bit of knowledge can do!

30-Day No-Risk Guarantee

If, for any reason, you should be dissatisfied with the spreadsheet contact Kick Butt Support and every penny of your money will be refunded.

"I like it a lot. Definitely a very valuable spreadsheet.

I'm surprised this sort of thing isn't taught by more internet marketers. Once in a while I might hear someone talk about conversion percentages or something along them lines. But, never heard of anyone teaching others to do these calculations like the $100,000 Spreadsheet does. I guess it's supposed to be top secret information/knowledge for the elite marketers. But, for a newbie marketer like myself and others. How are we to even know this stuff on our own? I guess we're not supposed to.

Just a thought... I think this $100,000 Spreadsheet is under priced."
- Tom

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