Autoresponder Companies

The List of Companies with Autoresponders

Alstrasoft Autoresponder Pro - This is supposed to allow you to create your own autoresponder service. Unfortunately, a lot more goes into an online service that others rely on. Don't know anyone who has tried it.

AWeber - This is a popular online service providing autoresponder services for many years.

Benchmark - A newer online service. I have not tried it yet but it looks promising.

Dirt Cheap Autoresponder - An autoresponder script you own and install on your websites.

EZ Response - What can you say about a service that advertises other autoresponders on its sales page?

Gammadyne - The software is downloaded to your website. It is regularly updated, but do not know of anyone using it.

GetResponse - Another online service that has been around forever.

Infusionsoft - Expensive and targets brick and mortar business owners. The service is actually not that great.

Mailchimp - This service is discussed online because of a limited free option. You can't market with it so don't waste your time and energy. And no actual autoresponders are allowed in the free version.

Promasoft - Last updated in 2007. Don't bother.

Royal Responder - One of the first online services, there is no reason to use this instead of AWeber or GetResponse.

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