Internal SEO Tool : Siteliner

Siteliner is a new tool offered by Copyscape. It quickly and effectively shows you useful information about your site, including:

- Page sizes
- Average page size
- Number of words on a page
- Numbers of links in and out of each page
- Broken links
- Duplicate content between pages

Internal Duplicate Content Analysis

The last one, duplicate content, is the bread and butter of Copyscape and you could say Siteline is Copyscape on steroids.

Whereas Copyscape evaluates external duplicate content issues one page at a time, Siteliner evalutes internal duplicate content issues internally within your domain. The evaluation is for all of your pages (up to 500) and is very fast.

You can click on your pages and SiteLiner evaluations to quickly see where you have duplicate content.

It can be an eye opener seeing how much content is duplicated across pages due to

- Common Navigation
- Common headers
- Common footers

The numbers illustrate the importance of having a significant amount of unique content on a page to help overcome the amount of common content due to navigation and header / footer issues.

The feature showing the number of words on a page is useful. Other resources only give this information one page at a time, or you need to copy and paste your content to get the page count. Seeing the words per page across all of your pages on one easy to read web page is nice.

Although I had been recommending at least 750 words per page, that may need to be bumped higher, such as 1000 words per page, depending on how many common across-site words you have. It could be 1500 words per page is needed to substantially reduce the duplicate content percentage for each page.

This percentage is important for SEO because it helps show your page has substantial, quality content. Across your domain it is a factor in establishing you do not have a content farm with many pages of shallow content.

For Google this is called the Panda factor and it has impacted a growing number of websites.

Page Power

Siteliner also has an interesting feature it calls Page Power. This is supposed to evaluate how many times a page is linked to from other important pages in your site. This is an internal linking analysis tool that is similar to PageRank: how many links does a page receive and how important are the pages the link is coming from?

If you have a very flat page structure where every page links to every other page due to a common navigation system, then every page may end up with a value of 100. As you site grows larger and you use subnavigation systems then the Page Power of each page will begin to diverge. You will then begin seeing differences in how important a search engine may think you are valuing different pages due to your linking system.

Bottom Line

SiteLiner is a useful tool for quickly evaluating your page sizes, internal linking, and internal duplicate content. Use it. For SEO purposes it is definitely worth analyzing your site using this valuable new tool.

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  1. Excellent post. Without it, I would not have been able to fully understand my Siteliner report.

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