Kick Butt Tip #21 – How to Spin a List

It is a common practice by Internet marketers to "spin" articles and content. Spinning typically means a list of synonyms are included in a series and one from the list is randomly selected to be printed.

For example:

The dog {ran|jumped|cruised} over the log

Will randomly select either the word ran, jumped, or cruised to be inserted into that sentence.

But if you have list and want all the items to be printed, just in random order, then normal spinning cannot handle that.

Here is the solution ...

First, use placeholders for every list item item.

Second, create a spin syntax format using the placeholders for every possible combination.

Third, after creating the list items (which can include their own spinning), do a search and replace to replace the list item with the placeholder.


For a list of 3 items here is your placeholder for the spinner:

{1 2 3|1 3 2|2 1 3|2 3 1|3 1 2|3 2 1}

Create 3 list items - probably more complex than ran, jumped and cruised. Then you do a search and replace 1 with list item 1, replace 2 with the second list item, and 3 with your 3rd item. Now you can spin your list so it is in random order!

Yes - this gets hairy for a really long list!


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