Kick Butt Tip #22 – Remember Long Tail Keywords

If you are using a "keyword tool" like Google's keyword tool, or Market Samurai, you are missing a ton of real keywords.

You will be surprised at how much traffic long tail keywords get. If I were you, I would just write and not worry about targeting a specific word. As you start to get traffic, use a stats program like AWStats (if you have cpanel it is free) or Piwik (use instead of Google Analytics) to see what search phrases people are finding your pages for. That is the best way to find real phrases that people are actually using.

Then you can try to target those phrases to rank higher, and they will likely give you ideas about additional topics to write about.

Or, you can pay Google to send traffic to a page with Adwords and use the Adwords data to see actual search terms. It can be expensive, but will give you actual data of search counts and phrases. It is much more accurate and useful than the Google keyword tool.

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