Kick Butt Tip #25 – Target Email Messages for Key Dates

An important marketing tip overlooked by many online marketers is targeting messages for specific dates. This is how marketing works in the physical world, but too many do not use it online.

For example: Christmas is December 25th and assume the last day to buy something and assure timely delivery is December 18th. Are you sending a message on December 18th? Are you sending reminders the week before? Two weeks before? On December 1st?

Halloween is October 31st. Are you sending spooky promotional messages on October 7th and 14th?

Here is the problem for online marketers ...

Specific dates are missed because the online business is not prepared to create and send a message on those dates.

Marketers often use autoresponders which schedule a sequence of messages based on the date someone subscribes to the newsletter.

But since you will never know when someone may subscribe, you cannot target autoresponder messages by dates.

If you schedule a message to be sent a week after someone subscribes, that message may be sent on January 8th, or May 15th, or October 10th. You do not know.

It can be time consuming to create and send a broadcast message on specific dates, so opportunities to take advantage of marketing dates are missed!

That means you are losing money.

Here is the solution ...

Some autoresponder services, but not all, allow you to schedule a broadcast message for a specific date.

This is one reason why I use multiple autoresponder services. For some lists I use my own script. For others, I use AWeber because it allows messages to be sent on targeted dates.

Upcoming holiday? No problem. Like pre-made sequential autoresponder messages, with AWeber you can have pre-made broadcast messages that are sent on specific dates not related to when someone signs up for your newsletter.

Here is how it works ...

First, in your AWeber interface select Messages and then the drop down for Broadcast

I then select a New Plain Text Message

After creating your message AWeber gives you an option to select a Later Date to send your message. Select Schedule for Later

Finally, choose the calendar date for the message to be sent!

Using the above month, a message could be scheduled to be sent on Labor Day for a sale you plan to have.

Or, a week before Patriot Day you sent a message about Patriot Day and suggest a product for your subscribers to buy to celebrate this little known US holiday.

Or, on Patriot Day you schedule a message to be sent about the day and find some excuse to offer a deal for your subscribers.

Now Go Do It !

You probably know from your own experience very, very few marketers take advantage of this date setting capability.

Now is your time to set yourself apart and grab more sales!

If you do not already have an AWeber subscription, as I write this it is only $1 to get started with AWeber, and then only $19 a month.

Dirt cheap for this type of capability!

Click Here Now to Check Out AWeber Today!

Make more money from email marketing by targeting email messages to key dates

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