Kick Butt Tip #22 – Remember Long Tail Keywords

If you are using a "keyword tool" like Google's keyword tool, or Market Samurai, you are missing a ton of real keywords.

You will be surprised at how much traffic long tail keywords get. If I were you, I would just write and not worry about targeting a specific word. As you start to get traffic, use a stats program like AWStats (if you have cpanel it is free) or Piwik (use instead of Google Analytics) to see what search phrases people are finding your pages for. That is the best way to find real phrases that people are actually using.

Then you can try to target those phrases to rank higher, and they will likely give you ideas about additional topics to write about.

Or, you can pay Google to send traffic to a page with Adwords and use the Adwords data to see actual search terms. It can be expensive, but will give you actual data of search counts and phrases. It is much more accurate and useful than the Google keyword tool.

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Kick Butt Tip #21 – How to Spin a List

It is a common practice by Internet marketers to "spin" articles and content. Spinning typically means a list of synonyms are included in a series and one from the list is randomly selected to be printed.

For example:

The dog {ran|jumped|cruised} over the log

Will randomly select either the word ran, jumped, or cruised to be inserted into that sentence.

But if you have list and want all the items to be printed, just in random order, then normal spinning cannot handle that.

Here is the solution ...

First, use placeholders for every list item item.

Second, create a spin syntax format using the placeholders for every possible combination.

Third, after creating the list items (which can include their own spinning), do a search and replace to replace the list item with the placeholder.


For a list of 3 items here is your placeholder for the spinner:

{1 2 3|1 3 2|2 1 3|2 3 1|3 1 2|3 2 1}

Create 3 list items - probably more complex than ran, jumped and cruised. Then you do a search and replace 1 with list item 1, replace 2 with the second list item, and 3 with your 3rd item. Now you can spin your list so it is in random order!

Yes - this gets hairy for a really long list!


4 digit combination generator

Dirt Cheap Article Spinner

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Kick Butt Tip #20 – Use Canonical URLs

What is a canonical url you ask?

There are two ways to access a web page:


They both get you to the same place. However, massive billion dollar companies with thousands of genius programmers (hint: Google) apparently cannot figure out this is the same website.

So what happens is that you get a link to, and then a different link to, and instead of getting credit for 2 backlinks to improve your search engine rankings, each "site" only gets credited for 1 backlink. One then cancels out the other as duplicate content and you just wasted a backlink.

What you need to do is tell Google this is the same website. You can do with canonical urls. This tells Google and links to one version of your url should be redirected to another version so only one version gets credit for the backlinks.

There is a useful tutorial on this page showing how to set this up.

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Kick Butt Tip #19 – Use Google and Yahoo to Find Niches

No, not their search engines. Their Groups!

There are thousands of groups organized around specific topics trading messages and information. There are more groups listed then you could ever intelligently promote. Review, select, then promote and take action.

When someone is in a group you already know they have an interest in a topic. Now it is just a matter of getting them into your own list, or getting offers in front of them.

There is nothing that stops you from starting your own groups. Create a Yahoo Group and send messages to its members that include offers.

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Kick Butt Tip #18 – Every News Event is a Profit Opportunity

Every time there is a breaking news event, it does not matter what it is, there is an opportunity to profit. You can find a related product, sign-up as an affiliate, and be sending pay per click traffic in minutes. You can create a keyword rich page and make money with Adsense.

For example, when President Reagan, or Michael Jackson died I had a page with links to Amazon books, videos, pictures, etc., and a pay per click program up in an hour. It was incredible how many hits that page received.

Get an affiliate account with Amazon. Virtually any news event can be tied to products available through Amazon. With Adsense it is up to Google and the Adwords advertisers to determine if anything profitable will be shown on your site.

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Kick Butt Tip #17 – How to Get Unlimited Free Domains

How would you like a free domain whenever you wanted it? You can, using subdomains.

A subdomain is treated by the search engines as a separate domain. It is a prefix separated by your regular domain with a period. For example, a regular domain would be A subdomain would be

Using subdomains is a quick and easy way to expand your website and to double, triple, etc., the opportunities for listings in the search engines. Many websites have numerous listings in Google simply because they have numerous subdomains..

Almost all web hosts allow you to have multiple domains and/or subdomains. Make sure your host allows for subdomains. Some allow you to have an unlimited number of subdomains.

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Kick Butt Tip #16 – Get an Autoresponder

Online businesses can get quick traffic, repeat customers, and quick sales by corresponding by email with prospects and current customers.

But using an email program on your computer is virtually impossible. Especially since the CAN-SPAM Act requires the administration and handling of opt-out requests.

You need an autoresponder.

An autoresponder (not to be confused with a vacation message you can setup with your email) allows you to:

* Create multiple lists,

* Broadcast messages to a list,

* Have pre-created messages that are automatically sent on a schedule after someon signs up for your list. This is a huge time saver!

You can find autoresponder reviews about different options, including online autoresponder services and autoresponder scripts you can install on your own domain. Or to get both!

If you do business online you owe it to your bottom line to check out the reviews and to get an autoresponder today.

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Kick Butt Tip #15 – Check Your Site in Different Browsers

You spend a lot of time making your website look great - or so you think.

What you may not know is that it looks absolutely horrible to someone else using a different web browser.

Not just slightly different. Horrendously different with fonts and lines misplaced, looking nothing like the professional website you see on your computer screen.

Often, this affects headlines which use the large 'H1' tag. H1 headlines that span more than one line of text are particularly susceptible to browser problems.

Even worse, it is not really a "browser" issue - but every "version" of a browser can render your site differently.

It is, frankly, impossible for you to review this on your own.

There is one site I have found that can show how your website looks in dozens of different web browsers.

It is BrowserShots.

Be forewarned - this is not a fast process. Depending on how many different browser versions you want to test, rendering all of them could take a couple hours depending on how many other people are using the website.

One other technique I have found useful is to forget the html. Take a screen capture of your wonderful looking headline, crop it in a graphic program, then display the graphic of your headline in your web page.

With a graphic you know it will look the same across all web browsers and their different versions!

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Kick Butt Tip #14 – Readable PDF Links

Although PDF is an online format, some, like me, will print your report, WSO, etc., so that notes and scribbles can be made, and it can be stored in a binder for future reference without fear of digital deletion.

If you hyperlink words and the web page you are hyperlinking to is not obvious from the text, when one reads your printed report one has no idea what the link is. The text just says "Click Here".

Consider including the full link in your text. If it is an affiliate link, use a link to one of your web pages that redirects with your affiliate code.

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Kick Butt Tip #13 – Maximize Your Assets

Many marketers are always looking for the next "new thing" that will make them money.

As a result, they often neglect what they already have.

It is a good to periodically review your own assets and look for places where they can be improved.

I'm betting you'll be shocked at all your missed opportunities.

- Is everything fully monetized as it could be?

- Are there additional methods of getting traffic you are not using?

- Places for backlinks that have been skipped?

- Additional content or instruction to be added to increase sales?

- Tested a change to see if it improves conversions?

Often, simply improving what you already have can more easily lead to the increased riches you hope to gain by pursuing the latest shiny object.

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