The Robert Collier Letter Book Review

The Robert Collier Letter Book may be the best copywriting book ever written. It is unquestionably one of the best copywriting books. First published in 1937, The Robert Collier Letter Book is on the bookshelf of every top copywriter.

The edition I have is from 1937.

I believe another, almost identical edition was published in 1950, and in 2000 the publisher released another print. This may be because the original hardback book is still in such demand, but was commanding prices of $100 or more!

As you can see, I have a lot of sticky notes in my book!

How many books do you have that are worth reading over and over and over? A book still in demand after 75 years? A book with dozens of sticky notes highlighting important points?

Since I have tagged with sticky notes so many important pages it is impracticable to list them all, or all the reasons why this book is a "must have" on your bookshelf.

But let me start by providing a copy of the table of contents:

Just some of the marketers who have praised this excellent book:

Yanik Silver - "If you study Collier's work you can crank out winning sales letters that bring in the cash anytime you like."

Jay Abraham - "I learned how to actually write the kinds of sales letters that produce astonishing results for my clients...."

Ken McCarthy - "Collier's classic is THE guide to direct response copywriting."

Kirk Bardsley - "Robert Collier's "Letter Book" is one of the top five books ever written on the subject of writing effective sales copy."

Carl Galletti - "If you can't make back hundreds or even thousands of times your investment in this book, then you aren't paying attention. Read it again."

Here is just some of what you will get in this book course:

* How to approach a prospect to emotionally tune in them into being receptive to your offer (page 2).

* How to arouse the desire to buy your product (chapter 2).

* What you need to appeal to to make sales (page 15).

* A picture is worth a 1000 words IF you use this technique (page 30).

* Why product descriptions to not sell (page 44).

* You need this in every sales letter (page 54).

* How to get your prospect to order NOW (page 64).

* The two necessary parts to a successful close (page 67).

* The 6 essential elements to a winning sales letter (chapter 9).

* You are not selling a product. You are selling _____ (page 148).

* How to prevent buyers remorse and decrease refunds (page 220).

* A common mistake that costs many businesses sales (page 223).

* Timing is important. When will they buy from you via mail (or online), and when will they instead visit the local store? (page 227)

* Why variety is the spice of life and sales (page 245).

* Forget testing these issues, this is the key to increasing conversions (page 279).

* How this opening to a sales letter can quadruple your sales (page 330).

* Easily adapt successful pitches in other industries to your product (page 349).

* The strongest motive to appeal to (page 360).

* In a nutshell, this is how you write a profitable sales letter (page 437).

* Many marketers forget to add this key point when making a call to action (page 439).

* Dozens of pictures of ads and examples of proven sales letters and techniques you can use (throughout).

You owe it to yourself to get this amazing book today. Once you read it you'll be kicking yourself over all the lost sales from not having this earlier!

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