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Social ADR Review

Social ADR Review
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Social ADR is a social bookmarking exchange service. You create accounts at various social bookmarking sites. Post bookmarks submitted by others which earns you credits. In turn for each credit you have others post your bookmarks to their social bookmarking accounts.

Here are the details:

There are 22 social bookmarking services for you to create accounts with. Generally, these are well known, authority sites.

Every day you can, with a simple click, post someone else's bookmark to all of your accounts. You can post up to 5 bookmarks per day.

Each bookmark earns you .2 credits. So your max credits each day is 22 x 5 x .2 or 22.

You will then get 22 backlinks back to your sites by receiving 22 posts from someone else's bookmarking accounts.

The basic service is free and works fine, so long as you are continually active posting bookmarks.

There are also options to get completely hands-free backlinks - and this is recommended.

There are a couple options:
- Buy credits. This is not expensive. 1000 backlinks is only $37.

- Hands free daily backlinks. This is called the 'lazy' account option. This is a monthly payment that gets you automatic backlinks to your web pages every day.

This is where the difference between the .2 credit received for your manual postings and the 1 credit to post your links comes in. The remaining .8 credit in the system is apportioned to the hands-free members so they receive automatic backlinks without having to post anyone else's links to their accounts.

Hands free, not have to login and click every day - this is the way to go.
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Not all backlinks are do follow. It will depend on the social bookmarking site. Here are the list of sites:
1 - Delicious
2 - Faves
3 - BlinkList
4 - Spotback
5 - Kirtsy
6 - Multiply
7 - MySiteVote
8 - SocialBookmarking
9 - Jumptags
10 - Blurpalicious
11 - URL.ORGanizer
12 - Kwzz
13 - FindBetterLinks
14 - StartAid
15 - Bookmark4You
16 - OneView
17 - TugaTop
18 - Gravee
19 - LinkaGoGo
20 - Connotea
21 - Share
22 - Add Bookmark
A url can only be submitted for bookmarking once.

Monthly credits are allotted on a per day basis of 1/30. This means if you have 300 credits for a month, on the first day of the month you will only see 10 credits in your account.

Titles and descriptions for your bookmarked urls can use spinned text so your bookmark is not the same to all 22 bookmarking sites.

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