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Social Monkee Review

Social Monkee Review
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Social Monkee is a service started in early 2011 that provides free backlinks to your webpages.

The links come from social bookmarking sites on 100 different domains each on a unique c-class ip. Most are even on A and B class unique servers around the world. The service is on a dedicated server.

All of the links submitted are 'do-follow' backlinks.

The owners of Social Monkee are Colin Klinkert and Julien Duc. Colin is a long-time Internet marketer and has been a member of the Warrior Forum since 2005. In other words, this is not some newbie creating a service likely to disappear next month.

Here is how it works:
You create a free account.

Then every day you can submit information about one web page that is posted to 25 of the social bookmarking websites.

Each submission must have spinned text, at least 3 versions, so that exact duplicate content is not submitted to each site. Social Monkee has an built-in, online spinner so you will not need to buy another product to create spin ready text.
There are two possibilities for upgrading your account. An upgrade means:
- You can make 3 submissions per day. Not just 1.

- Your submissions are to all 100 social bookmarking sites. Not just 25.

- You receive link submission reports.

- You get links to RSS feeds for your submissions so you can ping and submit those feeds to RSS services and get even more backlinks.
Upgrading is free and automatic if you refer 12 people to Social Monkee. Or, you can pay a one-time fee of $47.

Click Here Now for a FREE Social Monkee Account and Get Free Backlinks

Only 1 account is allowed per person.

A url can only be submitted once. IMPORTANT: Note the difference between 'url' and 'domain'. If you have 20 pages on your website you can submit all 20 pages to Social Monkee. But you can only submit each page once. This helps protect the value and integrity of the network for everyone from spammers.

You can submit any url. It does not have to be on a domain owned by you. For example, you can submit the url of your article on EzineArticles.

All sites are owned by one person. So although you will get IP diversity in your backlinks, it is unknown if, or how much, that value if tempered by common ownership of all the social bookmarking sites in the Social Monkee network.

There is a Firefox plugin that makes it even easier to submit your web pages.

How does Social Monkee make money?
- $47 one-time optional upgrades.

- $2.99 option for free members to submit a page to all 100 sites instead of 25.

- By selling advertising slots on the Social Monkey pages. There is surprisingly transparency as Social Monkey displays how many page impressions it is getting, click thrus, and the click thru rate - so you can evaluate before buying an ad slot whether this may be valuable for you.

- Selling and creating social bookmarking sites for users that are plugged into the Social Monkey network to increase the number of available backlinking sites. (Review note: instead of charging $50 Social Monkey should do this for free to greatly expand the available backlinks and value for members.)

- Advertising on the social bookmarking sites.
You can see a sample social bookmarking site by clicking here.

Click Here Now for a FREE Social Monkee Account and Get Free Backlinks

Your Social Monkee account has an option called 'Reports'. Click on that to see the exact urls your bookmarks have been submitted to.

Free accounts can see about half the urls. Upgraded accounts see all.

Each url is clickable.

These urls will have rss feeds

What you need to do for a free account is click each url, note the rss feed url on the posted page, and then submit the rss feed to rss sites to get backlinks to your backlinks..

You can do this one at a time, or submit them all at once to a bulk rss or ping service such as Pingy or

"It's very , very simple to use...,also they offer an amazing firefox plugin to bookmark." - 'danoctav'

"I've been using it for a couple of days I love the concept and it is super easy to use." - Lynn

"I signed up to Social Monkee on Thursday ... - I thought I would try the free version first. I submitted a site on Thursday and another one on Friday.

This morning (just 4 days later) I have got backlinks showing up in Yahoo Site Explorer. This beats forum profiles, article marketing etc etc hands down.

Awesome stuff Colin - thanks a million" - Jonathan Lake

"I upgraded a few days ago and noticed some ranking increases for a couple of keywords. Program is very easy to use and at this point, it's helping." - 'remodeler'

"I am a premium member after referring 12 members. I have submitted around 8 sites so far and did some basic rss + ping of the feed generated. so far in 10 day of submission -- my 4 sites have gained; and 4 remained there. 1st site jumped from 23 in to 11th; 2nd site from 10th to 3rd; 3rd site from 54 to 21 , and 4th site 34 to 12

i havent done any other link building on them. looks positive would recommend." - 'butternyk'

I have been using Social Monkee for a couple of weeks. On one site, SM was all I did for off-page seo other than posting to a 2.0 blog.

I submitted my site (25 links as a free member) then each day a different page for 3 days. Then I submitted the 2.0 blog url.

My main url and the 2.0 blog are on first page, first 2 items and have been there for 4 days.

This is for a long-tail term in a high-dollar arena.

I am happy with it." - DTaylor

"I have been using Social Monkee for about three weeks now. Had only one issue with accessing the database. Overall, it's been a good experience.

This tool gives you the ability to quickly and easily create 25 solid, long-term backlinks for free. It's a no-brainer. Plus, you can do as I did, use the free version until you have enough referrals to get access to the premium level.

All too often, I see marketers obsessing over PageRank; if you are guilty of this, you are wasting your time and energy. Study Google a little more and get a better understanding of what is going on with regards to linking, ranking and determination.

The pages on which your links appear may be low PR but they are links that appear on unassociated, aged domains. By default, the pages will continue to grow in popularity.

At a cost of free, marketers should be all over this." - 'hotlinkz'

"I have been using it for some weeks now. It has been very effective in helping me with indexing deep links." - 'webjedi'

Click Here Now for a FREE Social Monkee Account and Get Free Backlinks

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